Thursday, November 4, 2010

Odd October

I've got this daily journal (it's not a diary!) that contains calendar pages at the beginning of every month. Since I do the exact same thing every single day of my life, I have little use for the calendar pages, so I've been filling each day's square with a doodle.

Here are the calendar pages for October. Lots of monsters and Halloween related doodles here.

We've got the Bride of Frankenstein on the 4th, with a steam powered Frankenstein monster on the 9th. That's supposed to be Boris Karloff on the 7th, but he didn't come out very well. I was trying to draw Peter Cushing on the 13th, but he ended up looking a lot more like Tony Randall! Always use photo reference, kids!

There's Ookla the Mok on the 18th, with a vaguely Vincent Price-esque figure on the 21st. That's Nosferatu down there on the 27th.


  1. Ookla ! The Mok !

    Cool doodles. Hope you do all twelve months
    and auction that shizzle off at a comic shop or something.

  2. The 28th will haunt my dreams for weeks to come O.o I love your artwork!

  3. Lysdexicuss: Thanks! Ookla's in there because I just bought Thundarr on DVD. I don't know about an auction, but I have been thinking about selling prints of my stuff.

    Dawn: Haw! That's why I'm here, to fuel nightmares!

  4. Bob these are awesome!! Talk about taking something not fun like a calendar book and making it great!

    genius man!!

  5. hhehehe a brilliant idea excuted amazingly


  6. Gordon Hammond & GhettoFab: Thanks, guys! I appreciate it!

  7. Bob, I love your work, you should syncronize your blog with a fanpage on facebook (please think about it, I found this in case you do and need help
    Regards from Spain ;)


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