Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Out Of Context Star Trek Moment #2

I've been an avid Star Trek fan for many decades. I've seen every episode countless times, I've got tons of reference and behind-the-scenes books, action figures, model ships, trading cards-- you name it, I've got it. With that said, even I have to admit that certain episodes could get a little silly now and then, especially when viewed out of context.

So sit back and enjoy this totally Out Of Context Star Trek Moment.

TOGA! TOGA! TOGA! Cheez, Kirk's skirt is shorter than the women's!

By the way, I will not be picking on the Original Series exclusively. There are plenty of bizarre Out Of Context moments to be found in the other incarnations of Trek.


  1. This one made me laugh! YOU ROCK BOB!

  2. Thanks, Dawn! This episode is a gold mine of out of context moments!


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