Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Dr. Schmerton And Inspector Thorlock-Crammington (Scotland Yard, Ret.) Are On The Case!

Detective Inspector Reginald Thorlock-Crammington was a preeminent detective for Scotland Yard for many years, specializing in cases involving the strange and usual. When his partner, the eccentric physician Dr. Schmerton, was transformed into a demon by a wizard masquerading as a local chemist, he came out of retirement to help his old friend.

The two now travel the Queen's Realm investigating the curious and astonishing.

Hey, how'd you like that biography I just made up? I had no idea who these two were when I first doodled them. I do that a lot; doodle the character first, worry about who they are later. That's probably backwards from how most people do things, but it seems to work out OK for me.

This is a vector drawing, drawn all in InDesign.

Here's a look at the sketch page for these two. You can see the early versions of the characters at the bottom. Obviously they started out as two totally separate characters and originally weren't meant to be together. There are lots of other guest star sketches on the page as well. That's Dr. Smith and the Robot from Lost In Space at the top left. I don't know who the black-eyed guy is. Next to the Robot are Dorian and a Headless Monk from Doctor Who. I ain't saying who the stern-looking guy at the right is supposed to be. I was trying to draw a celebrity from memory and it didn't work.


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