Thursday, August 18, 2011

Psst! Hey, Buddy!

Mr. Johnson was walking home from the office and made the mistake of making eye contact with someone on the street.

Sadly, that was the last anyone saw of Mr. Johnson.

This was a very quick (about two, maybe three hours) little experiment to see if I could make a kind of soft focus illustration in a vector program (which generally is best for creating sharp, hard edges). The result: I'll let the viewer decide, but I think it worked.

Drawn all in InDesign.

Here's the original sketch. Not much to look at, but I guess I saw some potential in it somewhere.


  1. Looks like he realised he was being photographed right at the moment the camera went click. I like the soft focus effect and how his eyes came out sharp. Gives the "huh?" expression in his eyes even more power.

    I wonder who he made eye contact with though... I bet it's one of them probe ownin' extra-terroristials!!

  2. You definitely achieved the the look you were going for! AWesome work! Wonder who nabbed him and why??? DUN DUN DUN!!!

  3. Thanks, guys! I'm happy with how the soft focus came out too.


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