Saturday, September 17, 2011

Entertainment For The Whole Family!

I saw this recently at my neighborhood Target (Please excuse the horrible cell phone photo). They have an endcap full of kid's DVDs right next to the towel section. On the shelf right smack between Matilda and The Muppets Take Manhattan is the fun family movie Million Dollar Baby.

CAUTION! SPOILERS AHEAD! Yes, what child doesn't love the timeless story of a female boxer with nothing to lose who works her way to the top, only to be paralyzed from the neck down during the championship fight, ending up in a hospital where she suffers bedsores and amputation and finally begs her beloved trainer to kill her, putting an end to her misery. Your kids will want to watch it again and again. It's heartwarming fun for the whole family!

Lest you think this is just a case of a movie being mis-shelved, I would point out that although you can't read it in this photo, the tag beneath the DVD clearly says Million Dollar Baby. Somebody at Target either wasn't paying attention or hasn't seen the movie.

Be sure and check Target's kid section next week for DVDs of Henry, Portrait Of A Serial Killer, Irreversible, and The Human Centipede!


  1. I think they're just shelved alphabetically and not by genre, as Scool of Rock is on the shelf below and is not a kid's movie, either. Looks like it's just a discounted DVD section not a kid's/family section.

  2. The mere mention of The Human Centipede sends a shiver down my spine.....and I have never actually seen the film, only the cover. *Whimpers in the corner*

  3. mth: I suppose it's possible it's just a discount display, but other than MDB and School of Rock, every DVD is either a live action kid movie or a cartoon. Hello Kitty, Veggie Tales and more.

    Dawn: One of these days I need to review "Human Centipede." Did you know they're making a sequel?


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