Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The Harsh Truth About Foot Pads

Happens to me every time.


  1. This used to be me! I finally got some orthotic foot inserts and found it was well worth the money. No more foot (and back!) pain! Then three years later the inserts just weren't comfortable anymore. Turns out my feet had changed shape -- the other middle-aged spread, I like to call it -- and while I used to pronate, I now supernate. (Or vice versa.) I shelled out for some Ecco shoes without any inserts, and my feet have been happy happy happy for six months.

  2. I used to have orthotics around 15 years ago. Expensive, yes, but worth the money. They eventually wore out. I should probably see about getting some more.

    Never heard of Ecco shoes. Maybe I should check them out.

  3. Orthotics are really useful without hurting your foot.


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