Tuesday, January 24, 2012

I'm A Grown Man And I Bought This: Tardis Bobble Head

At last year's San Diego Comic-Con, toy company Bif Bang Pow! (yeah, that's really their name) released this first ever Doctor Who TARDIS bobble head toy.

The TARDIS bobble head to only 3,000 numbered pieces. In a really bone-headed move on Bif Bang Pow's part, they only numbered the box, not the actual bobble head. I threw the box out seconds after I got it, so I have absolutely no idea what my TARDIS was numbered.

Not that I care about the number, mind you. I bought it because hey, it's a TARDIS and it bobbles. I couldn't care less about the serial number assigned to it. But some people do, thinking that a lower number makes the toy more valuable, and they're going to be mighty perturbed when they discover the number is on the box only and not on the toy.

In addition to bobbling, the TARDIS bobble head also features sounds. Push the button on the front of the maroon vase and you'll hear the trademark TARIDS takeoff and landing sounds. Both sounds are suitably loud and sound clear.

One slight complaint: There's an on-off switch in addition to the sound activation button. The switch is on the bottom of the base though, forcing you to have to turn the whole thing over in order to turn it on and off. Would it have killed them to have put the switch on the back?

Sculpting-wise, it's a pretty accurate rendition of the TARDIS. Specifically this is the Fourth Doctor's TARDIS. You know, the guy with the scarf. Most non-fans probably aren't aware of it but the TARDIS has changed radically over the past forty eight years. The height, width, markings and even the shade of blue has changed quite a bit as the old props wore out and new ones were built.

I don't have a video camera, so you'll have to settle for this still shot here of the TARDIS bobble head bobbling.

You'll never find one of these in a brick and mortar store, so if you want one your best bet is to go to whona.com

The TARDIS bobble head is a perfect gift for any Doctor Who fan, and placing it on your desk immediately tells everyone that a nerd sits here. I am so placing one on my desk if I ever get another office job.

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