Monday, February 25, 2013

The Walking Dead Season 3, Episode 11: I Ain't A Judas


• So who's the Judas in the title? I assumed it referred to Merle or that he'd say it at some point during the episode, but I don't think he did. Was it Andrea? Milton? Tyreese? I guess you could argue in favor of all of them.

 • Wow, Merle's living in the prison now. I'll say one thing for these people, they're a forgiving lot. Just a few episodes ago they were all trying to kill Merle after he tried to kill them and now they're all living under one roof. I think if I were Glenn or Michonne I'd be a bit less willing to extend the olive branch.

• When the others argue about how to solve a problem like Merle, Herschel sticks up for him, saying he's got military training that they may need. Then a few minutes later he hobbles into Merle's cell and they have a nice conversation and get to know one another. Did the editors mix up these two scenes? Shouldn't they have been the other way around?

Whether they mixed up the order or not, I quite enjoyed Herschel and Merle's little chat. It added some more welcome depth to Merle, proving he's not just a one-note villain. In fact he's fast becoming the most interesting character on the show. Here's to hoping he stays around for a few more seasons.
• It was fun (and extremely gross) to see TV Andrea making her own zombie decoy, ala Michonne and her "pets." I have to admit I cringed when she kicked out the zombie's teeth though. I can't stand watching someone's teeth get knocked out in a film, even though I know it's all fake.

• Kudos to the writers for having Herschel mention they shouldn't burn through their ammo cleaning out the prison yard (again). Rick and Co. shouldn't have infinite bullets.

• When the Gov was staring into the mirror, I was uncomfortably sure he was going to try and cauterize his seeping eye-hole with that match. Maybe he would have if he hadn't been interrupted by TV Andrea.

• Oh, TV Andrea, I wish I could introduce you to your cousin Comic Book Andrea. She's so much more useful, well-written, and sane.

OK, I can kind of see how TV Andrea could be taken in by the Governor at first. He gave her food and shelter and was genuinely charming. Fair enough. But as time passes, literal mountains of evidence that he's evil and unhinged pile up before her and she's still on his side. Let's examine the evidence, shall we?

The Governor takes her to his organized gladiatorial zombie fights. She's appalled, but a few smooth words from him and she forgets all about it.

She finds out he has a secret room in his apartment in which he keeps his zombified daughter. Again, she's appalled but quickly forgets about it.

She also sees his secret room was filled with fish tanks containing the undead heads of his enemies. Appalled, forgets.

The Governor sends his right hand man out to kill Michonne, nearly rapes Maggie and has Glenn beaten to within an inch of his life. She's a bit put out by this, but gets over it.

Now she finds out that he's attacked her friends at the prison, killing one pf them. And he plans to attack them again. Once again she's appalled, but seemingly forgets all about it by the time she gets back to Woodbury. She even has the chance to kill the Governor, but doesn't go through with it.

Just what the hell does it take to get through to this broad? The only conclusion I can come to is that TV Andrea has the memory of a goldfish. She sees terrible things that horrify her, but she forgets them before she has a chance to act.

• Another problem I have with TV Andrea and her Woodbury storyline-- she's always bleating about how "there's good people there." Really? I'm afraid I'm not seeing it. You've got the Governor of course, who's a certified psychopath, then you've got his inner circle consisting of semi-sane creeps and ne'er-do-wells, and then there's the general population. You know, the people who hoot and cheer at zombie gladiator fights. If these are "good people" I'd hate to get caught in the bad part of town.
 • Rick's sanity seems to be slowly creeping back in this episode (after Carl and Herschel both tell him to get his sh*t together).

• Michonne actually said a few more complete sentences this week, instead of her usual animal growling. See writers? Your characters are ever so much more interesting when they have the power of speech.

• When Beth started singing I was terrified that somehow someone was going get killed. Usually every time there's a nice moment on this show someone gets their head blown off ten seconds later.

• So I guess Tyreese and his crew really did leave the prison last week! And now they've been taken in by the Governor and are inadvertently siding against Team Rick. I have to admit I didn't see that coming! Interesting, and very, very different from Tyreese's storyline in the comic.

• When TV Andrea asks Michonne what she told Rick and Co. about Woodbury, she replies, "Nothing." Well, I certainly can't argue with that!

• I had to laugh when Carol told TV Andrea to sleep with the Governor and then kill him afterward. Carol's come a long way this season and is infinitely more interesting than she was in Season 2, when all she did was wring her hands and look worried about Sophia.

• So TV Andrea took Carol's advice, slept with the Gov, stood over him with a knife and could have ended the whole conflict. But of course she didn't because there are still five more episodes left in the season. I don't think I've ever yelled so loudly at a fictional character in my life...

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