Sunday, March 3, 2013

Kick Who Now?

I was in a comic book store today and saw these:

Kick-Ass action figures from the 2010 film of the same name. 

Or are they? Note the top of the card where Hit Girl's head and Kick-Ass' hand just happen to pop up and obscure the title.

The same thing happens on the lower half of the actual Kick-Ass figure, where the latter half of his name is obscured by a blob of spray paint.

They did the same thing on the box for the 12" version as well. As near as I can tell this is a figure of "Kick-Ahhhhhh."

Apparently the word "ass" must be verboten in the toy aisle. It's such a powerful and inflammatory word that if a child so much as hears it he'll immediately drop out of school, take up smoking, tattoo his body, pierce every orafice, fling his vegetables against the wall and stop making his bed.

What I gather from all this is that it's OK to sell toys from an R-rated movie that features a ten year old girl who decapitates villains with a sword but god forbid you should say the word "ass." Got it.

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