Wednesday, November 6, 2013

The Walking Dead Season 4, Episode 4: Indifference

A slow and quiet episode this week that somehow still managed to be eventful. I'm still amazed at how much the show's improved so far this season.


• This is the third week in a row we've gotten a title that starts with "I." In fact next week's episode is called Internment. Coincidence, or some hidden message?

• Carol says goodbye to Lizzie before going on a supply run with Rick. She's shocked to learn that Lizzie thinks coming back as a walker is better than nothing.

This is an interesting idea and makes perfect sense. This is a child who's lived half her life in a zombie-filled world. Of course she's going to think it's a natural part of life; she has few if any pre-apocalypse memories. 

In a similar vein, last year this new world messed with Carl's head, blurring the line between destroying zombies and killing living, breathing humans.

A man could probably make a decent living as a therapist in this world.

• Rick takes Carol on a supply run in order to feel out her reasons for killing Karen and David. He's appalled at her cold, callous manner and ruthlessness.

I discussed this a couple weeks ago when there was a lot of tsuris about her teaching kids to use knives. Of course she's become ruthless. This is the Zombie Apocalypse! The days of sitting on the porch sipping sun tea are long gone. You kill or be killed in this world if you want to survive. Why's that so hard for Rick to fathom?

• Daryl and his team finally reach the veterinary school and grab all the medicine they can. As they flee a zombie horde Bob Stookey almost gets himself killed when he refuses to abandon his backpack that's full of booze.

I have a feeling his alcoholism is going to get him or someone else (or both) killed before the season's over.

• Speaking of Bob, I honestly expected him to die in this episode. He opened up to Daryl and info dumped his backstory to him. In past seasons that's been a signal that a character's about to bite the dust (see T-Dog and Axel).

• It took me a while to figure out the gas station sign. At first I thought I was seeing the sign upside down and thought, "Dang, they were charging $7.73 for gas before the end." 

I eventually realized someone rearranged the numbers (upside-down calculator style) to spell out "HELL."

• There's an internet meme out there that points out the incongruity of the show's perfectly mowed lawns years into the apocalypse.

Nowhere was that meme more evident than in this episode. Rick and Carol search a subdivision and none of the lawns have grass more than a few inches high. Maybe whatever virus brings the dead back to life also inhibits the growth of grass?

• While on their supply run, Rick and Carol meet a young couple named Sam and Ana. Did it seem to anyone else like Sam was borderline brain damaged? I can't say I blame Rick for not wanting to haul those two back to the prison.

• Rick comes to a decision and banishes Carol from the prison as punishment for her actions. He's afraid her presence will cause too much turmoil when the rest of the gang finds out what she did, not to mention the fact that he no longer trusts his kids around her.

Dang it! Just when the writers have finally figured out what to do with Carol, she's voted off the island.

This is the first time in years that we've seen someone leave the show without first being killed (I think the only other time it happened is when the Hispanic family went their own way back in Season 1).

So is Carol gone for good? I can't believe they'd just write out an interesting character like her. I have a feeling she'll be back before the season's over.

I wonder if they're going to use her as a bridge to set up the upcoming spin off show?

• Michonne is my favorite character on the show, and I love the way she so nonchalantly dispatches walkers with her cool samurai sword.

That said, what the hell is that sword made from, adamantium? It slices through zombie necks like they're not even there (heh!). I get that they're dead and rotting corpses, but it seems like their neck bones ought to offer a slight bit of resistance to her blade. Especially when she casually swipes at them with one hand.

• When Michonne says she's given up her hunt for the Governor, Daryl seems pleased and even smiles slightly. Is he just being friendly or is there something developing between them? How awesome would they be as a couple? Get on that right away, writers!

They might as well explore that subplot, especially now that Carol's gone.

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