Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Ooh, That's A REALLY Useful Invention!

This week a desperate United States Secret Service challenged the scientific community to invent a social media Sarcasm Detector. Que hundreds of "Wow, that sounds like a GREAT idea" comments.

I admit that on the surface it seems like a preposterous idea, but I get why they need one. When their agents are sitting in their underground bunkers, monitoring every online comment we make, it's tough for them to tell when we're serious and when we're just being snarky assholes. 

When some Tweeting tween types "All men must die," does it mean they're a fan of Game Of Thrones? Or are they planning on poisoning the city's water supply with a compound that kills anyone with a Y chromosome?

So a sarcasm detector does make a certain amount of sense. It's just too bad the government is asking for devices The Simpsons already invented...

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