Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Hershel Greene Lives!

This past weekend I went to the annual HorrorHound convention in Indy. While there I met Scott Wilson of The Walking Dead fame.

Although most people know him as Hershel Greene, Wilson's been in a ton of movies, including In The Heat Of The Night, In Cold Blood, The Great Gatsby, The Right Stuff, Dead Man Walking and many others. He's got a pretty impressive resume.

Mr. Wilson was very nice and accommodating, and even at 72 seemed more energetic than me. I told him I missed seeing him on The Walking Dead, and he said he missed the show as well. I asked him about the very realistic animatronic head they made of him for the show, and he said that after filming wrapped he took it home and has it in a trash bag in his closet. There aren't a lot of people who can say that.

Man, somebody in this picture needs to go on a diet, and it ain't Scott Wilson. Get thyself to a gymmery, Bob!

That's Scott Wilson schmoozing with fellow actor John Jarratt (in the fedora), who stars as Australian psycho killer Mick Taylor in the Wolf Creek films. Just a couple of seconds earlier prolific horror film director Larry Cohen leaned in to chat with Wilson as well. Why, with all that talent in one room, you'd think there was a horror convention going on or something...

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