Thursday, September 4, 2014

You Call 'Em Tags, I Call 'Em Plates

This week a Massachusetts woman was detained by state police for driving with a homemade license plate crafted from cardboard.

I'll give her points for resourcefulness and overall chutzpah, but I can't say much for her talent. I mean, c'mon lady! You didn't even attempt to match any of the fonts! You took the time to simulate bolt holes, but you couldn't take five seconds to lay down a ruler so all your wobbly numbers would lie on the same plane? And you totally left out the blue sticker in the upper right. Bad form!

C'mon, people! Everyone knows how to make their own homemade plates! Simply take your cel... sorry, what's that? Er, the legal department here at Bob Canada's BlogWorld is strongly advising me to not post instructions on how to create fake license plates. But I will say I can think of half a dozen better better ways to make them. 

I'd be embarrassed to be caught with this sorry excuse for a plate on my car. People just have no pride in their workmanship these days.

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