Monday, September 28, 2015

It's The Great Trump-kin, Charlie Brown!

Right now if you head on over to this site-- hey, HEY, I didn't mean literally right now! Sit down a minute! If you head over there, you can create a "Peanutized" self portrait of yourself in honor of ths upcoming Peanuts movie.

Here's the Peanutized version I made of myself. Good grief!

Honestly it doesn't look all that much like me. For one thing there weren't any bored, world-weary eyes that matched mine in their list of choices. And they didn't have any hair that looked like mine either, but then again, who would? But I did the best with what they gave me to work with.

Since I didn't have much luck with myself, I decided to try making someone else. Here's a Peanutized version of "presidential candidate" and professional blowhard Donald Trump.

Wow! They may not have had any hair that looked like mine, but they included a choice that matches his perfectly!

I'm convinced the programmers of this site are Trump supporters, and deliberately included his unruly and unconvincing "hair" as an option. It has to be a recreation of Trump's hair, right? No other human would walk around with a bird's nest like that on their head.

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