Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Hands-On Exhibit!

From the Tapei Huashan 1914 Creative Art Center's official brochure: 

Welcome to the Tapei Huashan 1914 Creative Art Center, the world's first hands-on fine art museum! 

Why be corralled behind a velvet rope like a dull-eyed cow and stare at stuffy old paintings from a distance, when you can experience, firsthand, the texture of every brush stroke?

Go ahead, run your fingers over our delicate, fragile canvases. Don't be shy! Get your fingertips in there and really caress that crumbling, centuries-old impasto. Feel that? That's genuine antiquity you're fondling!

Yes, at the Tapei Huashan 1914 Creative Center, you'll feel art history come alive!

What's that you say? What happens if you accidentally take a tumble and shove your fist through a four hundred year old painting, such as Flowers by renowned 17th century Italian Baroque artist Paolo Porpora?

No worries! Our crack staff of experts can restore even the most severely and clumsily damaged canvas in no time flat. Why just look at that painting! It's better than brand new!

Don't forget, Saturdays are Kids Daze here at the Tapei Huashan 1914 Creative Center. Children twelve and under are encouraged to paint directly onto our canvases, and "improve" them! 

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