Saturday, May 28, 2016

Why Do They Call Them Comics: Snuffy Smith

The American Educational System at work, ladies and gentlemen!

Only in America could a school give a student a failing grade four hundred times and still remain open for business, as the unconcerned teaching staff actually chuckles at the students' lack of learning skills.

As is the norm when it comes to Snuffy Smith (or "Smif," as the other characters call him), there's nothing particularly amusing about this strip. I included it because of the way it's laid out. 

Note the way the text in the first and last word balloons don't fill up the available space there's room for another whole line.

That's a sure sign you're looking at a recycled strip. There's no doubt in my mind that this particular comic has appeared in the newspaper at least once before. Current artist/writer John Rose simply took an old strip, removed the text, wrote some new lines and BAM! Instant "new" strip! Who cares if the new dialogue doesn't fill up the old word balloons? He had a deadline to meet!

Oh, merciful Jesus! When Loweezy seductively told Snuffy they had the house all to themselves, for a horrifying moment I thought we were going to forced to witness these two grotesque, pasty hillbilly homonculi writhing around the floor in carnal ecstasy. 

Our nation dodged a bullet tonight, ladies and gentlemen.

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