Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Brace Yourselves!

I don't have any particular interest in seeing Seth Rogen's upcoming Sausage Party film, which premieres this week. That said, I cannot wait for the barrage of outraged complaints from Jittery Soccer Moms to start rolling in!

You know it's gonna happen! Sausage Party is an R-rated, profanity laden CGI animated film, set in a world of anthropomorphic food that's unaware its only reason for existence is to be eaten by humans. From the trailers I've seen it's rude, crude and completely inappropriate for kids.

You just know that clueless parents nationwide are going to take their six year olds to see this, thinking it's yet another Pixar or Dreamworks film. Then later when their precious snowflakes have been irreparably traumatized, they'll be complaining to the theater management, demanding to know why there wasn't some sort of warning about the content of this movie. You know, like an R-rating.

Same thing happened this past February when parents took their children to the hard R-rated Deadpool, thinking it was a harmless, all-ages appropriate superhero film (it wasn't). I'm almost tempted to go see Sausage Party just to see the screaming kids being carried out of the theater.


  1. The trailer does look very funny though. I agree with you though. I just want to go to see how many stupid parents bring their kids to this.

  2. There were a couple of funny bits in the trailer I saw, but overall the movie seems like something that would work best as a short film, or an elaborate SNL sketch. There's really only one joke here, and I honestly don't see how they're going to sustain it over a 90 minute runtime. Maybe there's some additional story elements the trailer's not showing us.


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