Sunday, November 13, 2016

Life With Max Update: Max Vs The Bathroom

I'm currently babysitting my friend's dog Max for three weeks while he's out of town (you can read all about it in the first entry here).

So how's Life With Max working out? So far so good! He hasn't had any accidents yet or torn up anything valuable (knock wood), and he's been reasonably well behaved, considering his orderly little world's been turned upside down and he has no idea what's happened or where he is.

So far Max refuses to let me out of his sight. Any time I leave the room, he trots along right beside me, watching my every step. My theory is since his owner and everyone he knows suddenly disappeared from his life, he's going to make sure I don't unexpectedly vanish as well.

This attention includes the bathroom too. So far, every time I need to... um... sit in there for a while, this is what I see. A little visitor who's intently interested in what I'm doing in there. He won't come all the way in though he just stands in the doorway and stares at me the whole time I'm going about my business. 

I can't close the door, because then he starts whining and scratching at it. So... I now have an audience watching me perform in the bathroom. Ta-DAAAA!!!!

I guess it's only fair. When I take Max out to pee, I stand on the back deck and watch him do his business, so I guess he figures he's entitled to watch me do mine. 

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