Sunday, November 6, 2016

Life With Max Update: Max Vs Hugo, Man Of A Thousand Faces

I'm currently babysitting my friend's dog Max for three weeks while he's out of town (you can read all about it in the first entry here).

So how's Life With Max working out? So far so good! He hasn't had any accidents yet or torn up anything valuable (knock wood), and he's been reasonably well behaved, considering his orderly little world's been turned upside down and he has no idea what's happened or where he is.

Last night I was typing away at the computer and noticed Max kept staring intently at something behind me. He was so mesmerized by whatever was back there that I couldn't even break the spell by shouting his name. He started acting all wary and stiffy-legged, like he'd spotted a potential threat.

The only thing behind me was a bookcase full of books. What the heck would a dog find so interesting in that?

Ah, but on closer inspection I noticed this next to the bookcase. The stealthy figure of Hugo was hiding behind me, his little half body pressed flat against the case.

Yes, it's Hugo, Man Of A Thousand Faces! Hugo was a doll sold by the Kenner Toy Company back in 1975, and came with a variety of disguises, such as wigs, glasses, facial hair and scars. Kids could have minutes of fun altering Hugo's creepy, nondescript face with the various disguises.

By the way, that kid on the box deserves a good smack. Look at the smug look on that little bastard's face!

Apparently Max saw Hugo hiding next to the bookcase behind me and thought he was a real person!

So I did what anyone would do. I took Hugo down off the shelf and sat him on the floor to see what Max would do. He didn't disappoint.

Here's Max warily investigating the terrifying menace of a plastic doll.

I made a high pitched little squeal, and of course Max thought it came from Hugo, and reacted accordingly.

I think this is my favorite photo fo the encounter. Max is comically jerking backward in utter horror here, startled by the shocking actions of the completely immobile doll.

After the initial shock wears off, Max becomes curious.

He warily begins slinking into the room…

Occasionally shocked and startled by absolutely nothing…

And finally this is as close as he was willing to get to the scary intruder.

I'm happy to report that Hugo survived the encounter unscathed, and is back home up on the shelf. Max is still wary though, and continues to stare at him. Thank you, Max, for protecting me from the scary doll!


  1. Hugo is one of my holy grail items. Too funny that puppy went nuts like that.

  2. I got my Hugo on eBay four or five years ago. He came with the box and most, but not all, of his disguises. It's rare to find one with a complete set of the disguises.


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