Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Hot Gun!

Last month I told you about a Wheel Of Fortune contestant named Kevin, who, when confronted with this puzzle, guessed the letter "K."

Ah, yes, it's Tennessee Williams' most famous and beloved play, A Streetcar Naked Desire!

Welp, something similar happened this week on Jeopardy! (Um, just so you know, I wasn't shouting there. The makers of Jeopardy! insist on spelling it with an exclamation mark at the end).

 The category was "Three Plus Three," meaning the answers (or I guess since this is Jeopardy!, the questions) are two words of three letters each. This particular answer was "A Hired Killer."

A contestant named Kevin (Jesus, what is it with that name?), who had a score of $0, thought for a second, then confidently blurted out "HOT GUN!"

Needless to say, that was not the right answer. Question! I mean question!

Yep, whenever I want someone killed, I always hire myself a Hot Gun!

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