Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Separated At Birth: Grant Gustin & John Mulaney

Something I noticed recently:

On The Flash, it's been established that main character Barry Allen (aka Grant Gustin) is an only child.

I was thinking though that if the producers ever want to do a storyline in which Barry discovers he has a long-lost older brother, they could do a lot worse than to hire writer/actor/comedian John Mulaney to play the elder Allen sibling.

Look at 'em! They're practically identical!

I have to confess, I'd never even heard of Mulaney until a week or so ago (my duties as CEO here at Bob Canada's BlogWorld keep me VERY busy). I saw him on YouTube and my first thought was, "Why's Grant Gustin doing standup now?"


  1. For sure! I'm still not quite convinced they're two different people!

  2. I Thought They Were The Same Person !


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