Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Umbrella Policy

This week a skin care clinic in Vietnam found itself the subject of unwanted internet attention when it was discovered that their logo was identical to that of the Umbrella Corporation, the sinister company in the Resident Evil video games and movies. Whoops!

This is especially unfortunate, since in one of the Resident Evil movies (god knows which one), Umbrella sells a revolutionary skin care cream that's supposed to reverse aging, but actually turns users into zombies.

As you can see, the octagon symbol in the logo is exactly the same as the one in the films. 

Obviously the founder of Medicare Skin Centre never saw any of the movies, but I'm still wondering why they approved this logo in the first place. I don't get what it has to do with skin care, even in an abstract sense. Maybe they're saying their treatments protect your skin the way an umbrella does from the sun?

The only way this story could possibly get any better is if there's a Raccoon City in Vietnam!

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