Monday, April 30, 2018

A Tale Of Two Movies

I hate to kick a studio when they're down, but take a look at this:

In its first THREE DAYS of release, Marvel Studios' Avengers: Infinity War grossed almost as much as Warner Bros. Justice League movie did in its entire theatrical run! Holy Crap!

Obviously Infinity War will have no problem blasting past the billion dollar mark. It would not surprise me if it passes $2 billion before it's done. That's absolutely amazing. And a cryin' shame for fans of Justice League.

Sure, Justice League's $657 million worldwide gross looks pretty good at first glance. But the movie reportedly had a budget of $300 million, and some insiders say it was far more. Due to marketing and other hidden costs, movies generally need to make twice their production budget before they break even. That means Justice League had to gross a whopping $600 million before it could start turning a profit. So basically it made around $57 million for Warner Bros., against their $300 million investment. Ouch!

That makes me sad. It’s the freakin’ Justice League! The team that features all of DC's best and most powerful heroes! They're the DC equivalent to the Avengers! And the two movies are virtually identical— both feature a group of superheroes who team up to fight a big purple space man. There's absolutely no reason why a Justice League film shouldn't have made the same amount of cash (or more!) that Infinity War's currently raking in. 

Well, no reason other than the fact that Marvel Studios had a detailed and coherent plan and took their time setting up a well-crafted and defined cinematic universe, slowly building upon it over the past ten years, while Warner Bros. decided they wanted a piece of that sweet shared universe money NOW, and rushed headlong into a hastily-slapped together team up movie.

At this point I think Warner Bros. should just sell the DCEU to Marvel, and let THEM start making their movies!

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