Saturday, April 21, 2018

Imitation Is The Sincerest Form Of Something Something

Saw this article on Yahoo a couple days ago. Jeffrey Dean Morgan says his performance as Harvey Russell in the new Rampage movie might remind audiences of Negan.

Might? MIGHT? There ain't no might about it!

Russell IS for all intents and purposes Negan. He's got the same cocked head, the same bizarre hip tilt, and the same sh*t-eating grin all through the movie. 

Hell, he even says some of the same dialogue as Negan! In Russell's very first appearance in Rampage, he says to Dwayne Johnson's character, "You're havin' a hell of a DAY!" And a few minutes later he says, "When science sh*ts the bed, I'm the guy who changes the sheets."

Same (or very similar) lines as Negan, with the exact same inflections. It's honestly amazing just how Negan-esque he is in Rampage. I was sitting in the theater imagining that Russell and Negan were actually the same person. I figured Russell was a government agent in Washington DC, then after the zombie apocalypse started he changed his name and formed his own little empire a few miles away in Virginia.

Can a studio copyright a performance? Can AMC sue Jeffrey Dean Morgan for acting exactly like their character in another property? If so, Morgan better lawyer up!

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