Friday, June 8, 2018

Flash In The Pan

This week actor Keiynan Lonsdale announced he won't be returning as Kid Flash in Season 4 of Legends Of Tomorrow

Lonsdale took to social media to explain his decision, saying:

Yo! Soo as a lot of you have now read, I’m not returning next season as a series regular for The Flash or Legends. It’s definitely not a total goodbye or “see ya never” situation, cause Wally West will still be round when you need him the most! It’s just that it won’t be full time anymore.
I’ve changed a lot in the past year (as you’ve probably noticed lol), and for infinite reasons my perspective on life & what I want from it now is just completely different. Because of that, my heart told me it was the right time to continue my journey on an unknown path, and I’m so damn grateful to both shows for honoring & respecting that with me. 
I love Kid Flash, I love the family I’ve made, & I’m absolutely in love with the invaluable lessons I’ve learnt along the way. Thank you for believing in me & rooting for Wally to thrive, you honestly helped me see that I did indeed deserve to play him, & that shit right there made me a stronger actor.
Anyway, I hope you stick around for the new adventures, the only thing I can promise is Magic.
Well that definitely stinks! Over on The Flash the writers botched the character of Wally pretty much from his first appearance. Once he'd been introduced it's like they couldn't wait to turn him into Kid Flash, but then once they did they had absolutely no idea what the hell to do with him. In fact the way the writers immediately shoved him to the side made me wonder why they bothered to add him to the show in the first place. Wally wasn't just in Barry Allen's shadow, there wasn't a light shining on him at all.

Wally's move to Legends Of Tomorrow was the best thing that ever happened to the character. From the second he showed up he flourished in a way he was never allowed to on The Flash. It seemed like a good move for Lonsdale as well, as he appeared to be visibly enjoying himself on the show. Which makes this decision all the more puzzling.

I'll be sorry to see Wally go, but as he said, I guess it's not goodbye forever. Maybe Lonsdale will find himself or whatever he's doing and return to the Arrowverse soon.

In other Arrowverse news, Greg Berlanti, creator of such shows as Arrow, The Flash, Legends Of Tomorrow, Supergirl, Black Lightning and Riverdale (among many others), just signed a new contract with The CW. This new deal extends his contract to 2024, and will reportedly pay him a whopping $300 million.

(insert massive comical spit take here)

Cheesus H. Rice! $300 MILLION DOLLARS to keep pumping out those Arrowverse shows! Holy Crap! That's like baseball player money there! I guess somebody must be watching them besides me!

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