Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Stay Classy, Lionsgate!

In movie news, today Lionsgate studio just released the teaser poster for their upcoming Hellboy reboot. I still don't understand why they're restarting the series instead of finishing up Guillermo Del Toro's trilogy, but whaddya gonna do? 

 Anyway, the poster looks fine I guess. Except for one thing. Take a look at that tagline above the logo. The one that reads "Legendary AF." I'm not up on all the latest hip lingo, but I'm pretty sure that means "Legendary As F*ck." Right there on a poster that'll soon be lining the walls of cineplexes nationwide. Stay classy, Lionsgate!

This reminds me of a bit of Blockers, the terrible teen sex comedy that premiered earlier this year. That poster featured a large silhouette of a rooster above the title, which of course was a sneaky way of calling the film "Cock Blockers" and getting away with it. Again, right out in the open in theaters across the country.

We're very near the end of civilization.

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