Monday, October 8, 2018

Use The Force, Doctor Spock!

This past weekend, CBS released a new trailer for Season 2 of Star Trek Discovery, or as I like to call it, STD. Among other things, the trailer gave us our first look at actor Ethan Peck as Spock.

But this ain't your grandpa's Spock, laws no! That would be so 1966! This isn't even the oddly violent and emotional Zachary Quinto version from the Kelvin Timeline. Nope, this is a New And Improved, Sexy Spock. A sultry Vulcan for the new millennium.

Annnnnnnnd, I'm out.

Actually I was out long before this appeared. I gave STD a shot, and watched the first three episode. That was all I needed to realize that this series was not for me. 

Spock may be my all-time favorite character from any medium, so it pains me... no, that's not right... it pisses me off to see him treated so shabbily. It's obvious modern writers and directors don't understand the character, since they keep getting him so hopelessly wrong.


Rian Johnson and Kathleen Kennedy killed my love for Star Wars, and the BBC's turned Doctor Who into something I can no longer stomach. Now CBS just murdered my lifelong passion for Trek. Time to go lie down in traffic!


  1. I so wish you had stuck it out on Star Trek Discovery. It's got such a cool story and ending and next season will be even better with Anson Mount as Captain Christopher Pike. Your patience with it will be rewarded.

    1. I think if they'd just said, "This is a reboot" or "This is a prequel set in the Kelvin timeline," I might have been able to stick with it.

      Instead, they keep insisting it's part of the original timeline. They're so many reasons why that's impossible that I just can't turn my brain off enough to enjoy it.

      In addition to all the continuity problems, there's the matter that this just doesn't feel like Star Trek to me. Trek was always about the best and brightest living in a hopeful future. This show seems like the polar opposite to me. As if the producers don't understand what Trek is. Or worse, are familiar with the name but never watched it.

      Honestly I wish they'd just called it "Space Journey: Discovery" and set it in an entirely new universe. I'd have probably liked it then.


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