Thursday, March 14, 2019

It's A Family Affair!

Learned something new today there was apparently a comic book based on the 1960s sitcom Family Affair. Who knew?

So about the cover... yikes! Who the hell thought this was a good idea? This time you can't claim that I'm unfairly criticizing something innocent from the past through the cynical lens of the present. I can't imagine ANY era in which this cover wouldn't raise a suspicious eyebrow.

How did this ever make it to press? I've worked in the advertising and marketing fields for decades. Every project I've ever worked on has to be approved by dozens and dozens of people before it's sent to the printer. I have to imagine the same is true for comics. I can't believe that every one of those hundreds of people looked at this cover and said, "Well that seems just fine." Surely someone had a problem with it?

By the way, take another look at the cover. Doesn't it look like Buffy's thinking, "Uncle Bill's right behind me, isn't he?"


  1. I've never seen this show (before my time), but even the title, family affair, sounds a bit incestuous.

    1. Haw!

      It was from the mid-1960s. Bill Davis was a swingin', jet-setting bachelor, who for some reason had a British manservant. Their lives were turned upside down when Bill's forced to take in his late brother's three kids. Hijinx then ensued.


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