Sunday, December 1, 2019

Could It BE Any Bigger?

Last week in the news, a reporter accidentally captured a clear shot of the notes Dear Leader used for one of his interminable, rambling speeches.
As you can see, his handwriting looks not unlike that of the average third-grader. And what's with the size? Jesus Christ! What's the matter, couldn't he make it bigger?

This is just my theory, but I think the reason his penmanship is so enormous is because he simply can't see. And being the vain and arrogant narcissist that he is, he's too proud to admit he needs glasses. Hence the 400 point font.

Naturally, the second the image of trump's notes were release, the internet sprang into action. trump's handwriting has now been turned into a downloadable font, appropriately called "Tiny Hand."

The notes were also turned into lyrics to a Morrissey song, which you can probably find with five seconds of googling. It's pretty catchy!

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