Saturday, December 7, 2019

All The Trek News That's Fit To Trek

There were a lot of Star Trek stories in the news this week one good, two sad so I might as well combine 'em all into one post. 

Let's start with the good (I guess) news. This week saw the 40th Anniversary (!!!) of Star Trek: The Motion Picture, which premiered on December 6, 1979. Holy crap! It came out FORTY YEARS ago? 

How the hell is that even possible? There's definitely something wrong with time lately, as it's flowing way too fast.

I remember rushing to the theater to see it, as this was the first new live-action Trek we'd gotten in ten years. Sadly, it left me profoundly disappointed, as it's a deeply flawed film that doesn't feel like the old series at all

For example, who thought it was a good idea to introduce two brand new characters in this movie, which took precious screen time away from the regular cast we all knew and loved? And why create two brand new crew members, only to kill them at the end (SPOILERS!)?

It's also pretty much a big-budget remake of The Changeling, an episode from Season 2 of the Original Series. We waiting ten years for a rerun?

My opinion of it's softened over the years, and while I no longer dislike it, it's far from my favorite of the Trek films.

Forty years!

As for the sad news, R.I.P. to DC Fontana, who died December 2 at age 80. Her name may not be a household word, but she was well known among the Trek community. She was the first female writer on the Original Series, hence the initials so the studio execs wouldn't realize she was a dumb ol' girl. 

Fontana wrote many memorable episodes, including Journey To Babel, which introduced Spock's parents. She also created and solidified many of the characteristics of the Vulcan race.

She had quite a long career outside of Trek, writing for such shows as The Six Million Dollar Man, Buck Rogers In The 25th Century, Logan's Run, Land Of The Lost and Babylon 5.

R.I.P. as well to actor Robert Walker Jr., who died December 5 at age 79. 

Trek fans will remember him as Charlie, the confused teen with the powers of a god from the First Season episode Charlie X

Walker was Hollywood royalty, as he was the son of actors Robert Walker and Jennifer Jones. In addition to Trek, he was in several movies (Ensign Pulver, The War Wagon) and guest starred on many TV series, including Route 66, Ben Casey, Combat!, Bonanza, The Time Tunnel, The Six Million Dollar Man, Quincy, ME, Charlie’s Angels, Columbo, CHiPs, L.A. Law and Murder, She Wrote.

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