Tuesday, January 21, 2020


Came home a couple days ago and saw this on my front porch. Oh, United States Postal Service, you are hiLARious!

Best of all, I love how the mail carrier very precisely stomped right on the "Fragile" sticker, for an added comedic touch. Funny!

Just for fun I emailed this image to the Postmaster General. I wasn't expecting any kind of reply, so I was surprised when I got this response today:

Dear Mr. Canada:

This email responds to your complaint received at the Office of Consumer Advocate concerning the conditions of your package.

While we realize that an apology does not diminish the seriousness of your complaint, we hope you will accept our sincere apology.

We regret that you had to receive your package in this manner.

Thanks again for taking the time to contact us. We will continue to focus on improvements, as well as quality customer relations and service.

As a customer, you have many choices today, and we must provide the level of professional service you deserve and have come to expect from the United States Postal Service.


Ms. Woods
Consumer Relations Specialist
Office of Consumer Advocate

Basically Ms. Woods reply can be boiled down to, "Sorry we smashed your package. Sucks to be you."

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