Monday, March 23, 2020

OK, Now It's Personal!

This week The CW announced that in light of the viral apocalypse, both The Flash and Legends Of Tomorrow are suspending production until further notice. Yikes!

According to unit manager Brent Crowell, everyone associated with the shows have been advised not to report to work, and it's unclear just when they may resume filming.

At this time it's uncertain just how many episodes of The Flash have been filmed. Rumor has it they were shooting Episode 19 or 20 when the shutdown hit. There were 22 episodes planned for this season.

That could throw a wrench into the works when production resumes. Do they keep going and finish the season, or just stop at Episode 19? Given the fact that they typically end each season on a big cliffhanger, I'd think they'd have to finish. Time will tell, I guess.

The situation's better for Legends, as they reportedly finished filming their 15 episode season. So the shutdown shouldn't affect them. On the other hand it's possible they could still face a delay, as the editing and  the FX may not have been completed.

The Orville has also supposedly shut down production on Season 3 as well. Welp, they just shut down every stinkin' TV show I still watch! Expect a lot fewer posts for the duration. Damn you, coronavirus!

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  1. Now's your chance to complete that '100 Frankensteins' project!


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