Friday, March 25, 2022

Eh, It's Pretty Fast, I Guess

Saw this online recently— it's test footage of an experimental "hypersonic sled" on a track. According to the source material, it's traveling at a speed of 6,600 mph! Holy crap! It goes by so fast it's not even visible!

When I saw this I couldn't help but think of The Flash. There was a recent episode of the show in which the title character supposedly ran at a whopping 15,000 mph— well over twice as fast as this sled.

Seeing this video made me realize just how much damage a superhero like the Flash would cause in real life. There'd be no intact windows anywhere in Central City, as the constant barrage of sonic booms from his superspeed would have shattered them all years ago. The citizens would probably all be deaf from him zooming past them as well

The streets would likely be impassable, as the asphalt would constantly melt, cool and melt again as the Flash zoomed back and forth through the city. Heck, the streets might even ignite and burn when he whizzed by!

And pity any poor citizens unlucky enough to be near him when he ran. They'd probably either be incinerated by the superheated air caused by his passing, or sent tumbling end over end in the wake of his vortex.

In fact a real-life Flash would probably be more dangerous than most of the villains that attack Central City!

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