Saturday, June 11, 2022

The Invisible Woman

Unless you've been living under a rock or have no social media presence (same thing!), you're no doubt more than aware of the high profile Johnny Depp Vs. Amber Heard case. 

Long story short: Heard made numerous unfounded claims that Depp beat and abused her, high profile studios began dropping him due to her allegations, he sued her for defamation and damages, he won and now SHE'S the one who's starting to lose work because of her nutsy-cuckoo actions. Cue Nelson Laugh here.

Case in point— according to always reliable internet rumors, this week Warner Bros. allegedly cut all of Heard's scenes from the upcoming Aquaman sequel (Aquaman 2: Even Wetter or something like that), completely erasing her Mera character from the film.

Woah, wait just a minute... Amber Heard was in the first Aquaman movie? Hold on while I check something out.

(Sound of me going to IMDB and looking up Aquaman)

Well, I'll be damned, she was in Aquaman! I honestly had no idea.

Seriously, she was so unremarkable as Mera that Warner Bros. could have quietly replaced her in the sequel with any working actress of a similar age and I literally would not have noticed the change. That's how much of an impression she made!

Warner's erasure of her is a symbolic gesture and not a putative one, as the film's in the can and she was paid for her "work" long ago. Which pretty much tells you where she currently stands with the studio!

I wouldn't feel too bad for Ms. Heard though, as I'm sure she'll have no trouble finding other roles in the movies. No doubt she'd be a whiz in the ticket booth or the popcorn station, and she'd be a natural and cleaning bathrooms!

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