Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Is He Not Men?

For decades now I've assumed that the guy on Devo's debut album was just a painting of some random, stereotypical male.

Nope! Turns out it's actually famed golfer Chi Chi Rodriguez. Or "Chy Chy Rod-wah-gweeze," as he's better known to some of us.

So how'd Rodriguez end up on a Devo album, of all things? Simple! The band members just happened to see his mug adorning the packaging of a Cobra golf club cover.

They thought his smirking mug was hilarious, so they "borrowed" the image and used it on their cover— without getting permission from Cobra OR Rodriguez. As you can see, they altered the original pic slightly to presumably prevent any copyright infringements or lawsuits.

Sometime later they got permission from Chi-Chi, and the rest is history— strange, musical history!

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