Sunday, July 7, 2024

Screen Saver

Saw this old Far Side comic today, and it occurred to me that Zsa Zsa's head was probably the least bizarre thing the crew of the Enterprise ever saw on their viewscreen.

You had your tunnel of sharp knives, that would slice of the ship if it veered off course by even a degree...

And then the ghostly, glowing green hand of Apollo...

Followed by Apollo's laurel-leafed head itself.

And who could forget the eerie head of Balok, which turned out to be a puppet that was much better looking than Clint Howard.

And then there was whatever the hell's happening here.

Of course the all-time hands down most bizarre thing they ever saw on the main viewer was this image of Space Lincoln, floating serenely through the void on some sort of throne.

Seeing this, it occurs to me I may have been too hard on Star Trek: Discovery!

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