Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Hey Kids, It's Bimbo!

I saw this truck going down the highway this evening and risked life and limb to catch up to it so I could get a photo.

I'd never in my life heard of Bimbo or their products, and couldn't imagine why anyone would ever give their company such a name. Were Floozy & Hooker already taken? Why give the cute little bear an unfortunate name like that?

I checked out their website when I got home, and it all became clear-- Bimbo's a Mexican bakery, similar to Hostess or Dolly Madison here in the States. I'm assuming Bimbo probably means something different south of the border (if it means anything at all-- it may just be a cutesy nonsensical name there).

I also learned through their website that it's pronounced "Beem-bow," so again, it's not as unfortunate as it looks to our eyes. Still, it's pretty funny to see a Bimbo truck rolling down the highway.

An aside: I'm continually fascinated with the way website URLs tend to combine words and spell out things the owners never intended. For instance, the URL for "Bimbo USA" comes out as "bimbousa," which looks like it should be pronounced "Bim Bow Sa." Sounds like a new tropical drink. "Yes, dahling, I'll have a Scotch on the rocks and the lady will have a Bimbousa."


  1. I was taken aback when I actually saw them in the grocery store. 'Gringos aren't going to understand this!!' but alas... it doesn't matter. Cheers for bringing it up. I laughed ^_^


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