Monday, July 27, 2009

Like Father, Like Son

Just a monster taking his son out for ice cream.

I drew the dad first, then tried to figure out what a cute little version of him would look like for the son. Note to budding artists: big eyes & pupils are essential ingredients in cuteness.

The fish head & worms in the cone were a last second addition, believe it or not. Originally the monster boy was holding a plain old every day vanilla cone. I was staring at the drawing, thinking there was something missing, but couldn't figure out what. It finally dawned on me that plain ice cream wasn't very monstery, so I added some gross stuff to it to make it seem more appropriate for a monster boy.

I've always been terrible at picking colors, so I've been concentrating on improving that as much as I can. I've used Kuler a lot lately to come up with good color combos, but this time I just eyeballed it. I knew I wanted the monsters to be green, so for the background I just played around with the hue slider until I found a color combo that looked good to me (the background was originally red, but that was a little too eye-searing, so I changed it to a cooler blue).

Drawn in Photoshop on the graphic tablet.

Here's the original sketch. It was really tiny, so I had to clean up the lumpy lines a lot for the final drawing. The dad didn't change a lot, but the kid got quite an overhaul. He didn't look all that appealing in the sketch, so I needed to "cuten" him up a lot.


  1. I love this! Great work! I wish I could see you work in Photoshop.

  2. Thanks, Jarrod! I'm afraid it wouldn't be very exciting watching me work in PShop. You'd just see a guy staring at a monitor with a graphic tablet in his lap, hitting the undo button a couple hundred times!

  3. Hey Jarrod, look back at my May posts. There are some Photoshop how-tos there.

  4. Fabulous images it touch my heart great paintings


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