Saturday, July 18, 2009

Off Target

I'm usually a big fan of Target's in-store branding and marketing. All the signage and decorations in their store are very well designed as well as fun and appealing. I especially like their gift card designs.

But, you can't hit one out of the park every time at bat.

Take a look at this bottle of Target brand mouthwash I bought recently. It features their new "On-Target" rounded arrow motif. Frankly I'm not a fan of the arrow; I thought the old circular "target" logo was fine. Maybe in time this new logo will grow on me.

But what really caught my eye one morning as I stood over the sink trying to focus on the bottle of mouthwash was this:I even did a double take the first time I glanced at it. Call me crazy, but that refreshing splash of amber-colored mouthwash looks disturbingly like a dead cockroach lying on its back.

Now every time I look at it that's all I see; I can't not see a dead cockroach. Not really the image you want in your mind's eye when you're using mouthwash.

It's OK, Target. I still love you. You're one hundred times better than Walmart. But lose the roach, huh?


  1. HAHA! Maybe they want you to know if you have any cockroaches in your mouth this stuff will take care of the problem.

  2. Maybe!

    That label's like Shannon Doherty's off-kilter eyes-- once you see it, you can't unseen it.

  3. I was going to comment on turning the bottle of mouthwash around, and then I read your comment. LMAO!!


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