Saturday, June 19, 2010

Something You Don't See Every Day...

Every morning on the way to work I drive past this costume shop. I noticed this colorful window display today and thought, "Now there's something you don't see every day." Well, unless maybe you live in Metropolis or Gotham City.

Here's what I first thought was a Superman costume, but the sign in the window is telling me that it's a "poodle blouse." Is that like a poodle skirt?

Note that the Superman costume comes complete with built in washboard abs. I guess in Superman's case they'd be "super abs."

It's hard to see, but if you look closely you can see that the mannequin is wearing a long, stylish black wig, very much like the hairstyle Superman had in the 1990s. Back then DC Comics was desperately trying to figure out a way to make Superman relevant to the times, so they had the brilliant idea to give him a shoulder length hairdo. Actually let's face it-- it was a mullet. Apparently the Man of Steel doesn't have Super-Style.

Next to Superman in the display window was a pretty good Supergirl costume. She needs a blonde wig to be 100% comic accurate though.

Look at this poignant image showcasing the void between Superman and Supergirl. "Why won't Superman look at me?" cried Supergirl. "H-he treats me like I'm nothing more than a derivative, female knock-off of his own character! Doesn't he know that I'm a person too?"

Superman gazes wistfully out the display window, the serene trees reflected in the glass before him. Sometimes it's lonely being a god-like super being.

I'm praying that's just some sort of support mechanism there in his trunks.

The display on the other side of the building featured Captain America. Not a bad looking suit, until you get to the faux boots. And where's Cap's iconic red, white and blue shield?

Why, look who it is, standing awkwardly in the window! It's none other than Captain America Junior! According to the signs, he's here to advertise bowling shirts (?), kid's pizza party music (??) and line dancing lights (???). I have to admit that I am totally mystified by the range of products this store sells.

Look out, Captain America Junior! That female T-1000 Terminator is sneaking up behind you!


  1. I wouldn't mind having that Captain America costume. It would come in handy all the time.

  2. HAHAHAHAHA!! This is fantastic! More cities and towns need shop windows like this in them.

  3. KW: I'm trying to figure out exactly when a Captain America costume would come in handy.

    Dawn: The week before I took these photos they had various Robin Hood costumes in the window (I guess because of the recent movie?) and some tie-dyed hippie costumes (???).

    Inside they have probably the biggest selection of Halloween masks I've ever seen. The only place I know that doesn't just sell A skull mask, they sell at least 50 different kinds of skull masks.


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