Thursday, July 1, 2010


I worry. A lot. It's the curse of a creative mind. My brain likes to sit around and amuse itself by thinking of everything that could possibly go wrong. Stupid brain. It's a wonder that I don't have an ulcer big enough to drive a truck through.

Some say worry is a waste of time. I disagree. In a world like this one, it's a necessity. The bad part is that the majority of the stuff I worry about ends up coming to pass.

So this is a self portrait of sorts. I imagine I look quite a bit like this when I'm standing around worrying.

Drawn in Photoshop on the graphic tablet.
Here's the original sketch of Worrywart. It was OK, but the pose was a little stiff and uninspired. He looks more apalled or shocked than worried. I thought it could be improved.

Here's the second sketch. Now he looks properly worried. His eyes are more haunted, and his posture is properly hunched over. I added a curled up tail as well, to help convey his fretfulness.


  1. Him wringing his hands helps drive the worrying home and I love his tail. He is awesomely worried. I can relate to this lil guy ;) I'm a worrier as well.

  2. Thanks! I think these days we're all world class worriers.

  3. i like his worrisome hands a lot.

  4. if i could imaging him active. i would see him quivering his lips and shaking. perhaps sweating and trembling a studder if he spoke. thill sketch captures the worry and sells it well


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