Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Not To Scale

If you've ever been to Target, you've probably wandered down their camping aisle at some point and noticed their display of scale model sleeping bags. They're about a foot tall, and quite obviously they're there to show you what the various bags look like, without taking up the precious shelf space that a row of full-sized sleeping bags would require.

A while back I was shopping for something in the camping aisle and overheard two 60-something women talking:
Woman #1: Edna, would you look at those! Tiny little sleeping bags!

Woman #2: Land sakes! What do you suppose those are for?

Woman #1: Why, they're sleeping bags for a newborn baby, so you can take it camping with you! Isn't that just the cutest thing you've ever seen?

Woman #2: My, my! What won't they think of next?
About that time Woman #1 realized that they weren't alone, and turned and saw me staring at the two of them, my jaw dropped open in amazement. A wave of embarrassed realization crossed her face and she quietly said:
Woman #1: Um... yeah. Actually Edna, I think those are to show you what the real bags are supposed to look like. Let's go look at purses.
This was a true story.


  1. HAHAHAHAHHAHA!!! Pardon me while I wipe the tears from eyes so I can read some more. That was fantastic!

  2. Thanks!

    Target also has some scale model tents on display-- no telling what they thought of those!

  3. My daughter always wants to buy these things for her Barbies lol

  4. I have a friend who collects the old school 12" G.I. Joes, and he wants the tents and sleeping bags for them. He's asked the Target manager on several occasions if he can buy them when they're done with them, but they won't sell.

    Whoever makes them is missing out on some income!


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