Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Dumb Alien

Is "mouth breather" considered an insult if you don't have a nose?

He gives the term "navel gazing" new meaning! Thank you, ladies and gentlemen, I'm here all week!

This is a vector drawing, drawn all in InDesign.
Here's the original sketch. Note that his right hand's in that same sort of "pardon me" gesture that I use way too much when I can't think of something for a character to do with their hands. So I ended up just having both hands at his sides. He looks dumber that way.

That title's pretty lame, but my brain's tired this week.


  1. LOL. He's fantastic, I love his tummy eyeball. I wanna poke it! Well done :)

  2. Great stuff, Bob. It's cool. Only his head eye looks dim. The other ones look pretty sharp!

  3. Thanks, Dawn!

    Mykal: Now that you mention it I should have given his other eyes the half-closed lid, to make them look dumb too. Oh well.

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