Wednesday, July 27, 2011

I'm A Grown Man And I Bought This: Big Mystery Japanese Robots

Last week KW Monster and I went to the annual Fright Night Film Fest in Louisville. Among the things I bought there were these two large Japanese robot figures.

I love Japanese robot toys, but due to the exchange rate they're normally prohibitively expensive. That's why these two, priced at $20 each, caught my eye. $20 is a darn good price for any kind of Japanese toy, especially ones these large. I decided to buy the silver one, and as I was paying for it the dealer told me I could have it AND the black one for $25. Apparently he was tired of lugging them around to various shows. Sold! Wotta deal!

Each figure is nicely detailed and textured. The silver one is slightly shorter than the other one, and is painted to look like it's made of some sort of pitted metal.

 The black one is a little taller and is painted to look like it has an cast iron texture.

Judging from the box they're from some sort of live action TV show, like the Power Rangers or whatever they're called in Japan. The back of the boxes show many other figures in the line.

They're made out of a soft, almost rubber-like plastic, so they're much lighter than they look. The boxes proudly tout both figures' amazing articulation, but it honestly doesn't amount to much. The joints are all the circular type that Japanese figures so often have. So instead of a knee joint that bends like a hinge, you get a knee joint that spins like a doorknob. Pretty useless, as articulation goes. I don't mind though, as they're display pieces.

As I said, they're quite large. Here they are with a can of Coke Zero (which is much better than Diet Coke) for scale (sorry, I don't have a wiener dog to use for comparison).

I have no idea who they are or what TV show or movie they're from, as I can't read Japanese. Perhaps a fluent and helpful reader could fill me in? All I know is that I thought they looked cool, and they were cheap, and now they're mine!


  1. The black one is my favorite. It looks slightly more cartoony.

  2. wicked cool, if you like all things Japanese you should check out, it's run by an Amercian but base in Japan and you can get almost anything you want from Japan thru them like iTunes Japen gift cards. I am quite sure if you emailed them they would help you figure out who these guys are as they are great that way.

  3. I thought this may be of interest to you, I have not checked out the downloads so I hope they work :)

    or if you want to sell them then check out the buy it now price on this one!


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