Friday, July 29, 2011

Doctor Who: Life Imitating Art?

Yep, it's yet another Doctor Who related post. The staff here at Bob Canada's Blogworld lives and breathes Doctor Who, in case you couldn't tell.

In the 2006 Doctor Who episode entitled Fear Her, the Doctor (played by David Tennant) and Rose travel to London in the year 2012. There they encounter a super-powered little girl named Chloe Webber who's made all the other children in her neighborhood disappear. The Doctor realizes that if she's not stopped, Chloe will become powerful enough to make everyone in the world vanish.

Admittedly Fear Her wasn't the show's finest moment, but there was one part that stood out. At the end of the episode the runner carrying the Olympic Torch falters, so the Doctor picks up the torch and completes his run, lighting the Olympic Flame and kicking off the 2012 Olympic Games.

There's now an online movement to convince the Olympic Commission to let David Tennant (no doubt dressed as the Doctor) actually light the Olympic Flame for real! I honestly don't see it happening, but wouldn't that be cool? A scene from a TV show about a time traveler coming true five years later. Life imitating art and all that.

If you're interested, there's an online petition here. Who knows, if enough people sign it, maybe we can make this happen for real!

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