Wednesday, February 22, 2012

THIS Is Why Al-Qaeda Hates America: DogTV

You know how when you watch the news and see a story about al-Qaeda and they're always out in the streets chanting, "Death to America?" Did you ever wonder, "Gosh, what's their problem? Why do they hate us so much?"

It's because of things like this. 

Behold DogTV, a brand new cable network that features programming for dogs. You heard me, a TV station for dogs. According to their website, DogTV's programming helps stimulate, entertain and relax dogs with short shows (because dogs have limited attention spans I suppose) that expose them to various movements, sounds and objects.

I guess the idea is to leave DogTV on all day while you're at work so your pet will have something to watch.

Look, I love dogs as much as the next person. Maybe more. I'd rather be with dogs than most people I know. And I don't think this is a totally ridiculous idea. In fact I think it has some actual merit. It's just that when people in other countries see us doing this kind of stuff, it makes me a little embarrassed to be an American. I wish we could keep things like this to ourselves so nobody else finds out. It's just giving our enemies more ammo.

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