Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The Walking Dead Season 2, Episode 9: Triggerfinger

Sorry for the recap delay; as I've mentioned before I don't have cable and I usually watch the show online. For some reason it was nearly impossible to find an online source this week. Well, a legitimate source, that is; one that didn't want me to buy an iPad or a year's supply of diapers while it installed malware on my computer. Anyhow, on with the recap!

· Finally some zombie action! There's definitely been a shortage of that lately what with everything taking place on Herschel's magically protected farm. I must say it was quite satisfying to see a zombie trying to munch on Lori's unconscious face in the teaser. Stupid windshield! Get out of the way! Credit where credit is due: after Lori's incredibly bone-headed, reckless and unbelievable actions last episode, she redeemed herself this week by the way she dispatched the zombies attacking her.

I was also very glad that this Lori subplot was resolved so quickly and didn't drag on for a couple of years like Dead Trek III: The Search For Sophia.

·  Looks like Dave and Tony weren't alone-- their friends came looking for them. Once again we got a really tense and uncomfortable scene in the bar. Maybe it would be better if they set the rest of this season's episodes in the bar instead of Herschel's farm.

This whole bar subplot was very much like the tone of the comic book. In the comic things always get bad, then they get worse, and then when you think things can't possibly get any worse, they get ten times worse. In the comic and now in the TV series, the real danger is not the zombies, but other humans.

I was expecting the other group to be a little angrier at the news that Rick killed their pals. I definitely expected them to exact a little more revenge than they did. I guess an attacking zombie horde kind of forces you to reexamine your priorities. I have a feeling we haven't seen the last of the Others though.

· Herschel Greene: Farmer. Veterinarian. Family man. Recovering alcoholic. Man of God. And now... Sharpshooter! That's quite a resume, Herschel! You're hired!

· Daryl's one of my favorite characters, but I'm not liking his new direction. The past couple of episodes he's been giving Lori a run for her money as most annoying character. Let's hope Carol's finally drawn him out of the snit he's in so he'll quit pouting.

·  So, Randall, eh? I have a feeling he's gonna end up causing some problems. If not him, then his friends. I also don't think blindfolding him is gonna keep the location of the farm a secret. Sure, Google Maps probably isn't working right now in this universe, but I'll bet there are road maps and atlases lying around. It's a big farm. Surely it's on a map somewhere.

· Dale would make a really good politician. All he has to do is mention in passing to someone that he thinks Shane killed Otis and they instantly believe him. I suppose the fact that Shane's walking around like a hair trigger psychopath might give some credence to Dale's statement, but still.

Speaking of Shane, I hate to admit it but I agree with Andrea that all of his decisions have been right so far. Right as in protecting the safety of the group, that is. Yes, Rick's bringing Randall back to the farm for medical treatment was the decent thing to do, but it's also incredibly dangerous. On the other hand, why did it take this incident for them to suddenly think to post lookouts? Team Rick found Herschel's farm easily enough; why couldn't anyone else?

And speaking of Shane again, last week I said he probably wasn't long for the show because actor John Bernthal had signed up with another series. This week comic and series creator Robert Kirkman said that because of the way cable shows are scheduled and filmed, it doesn't necessarily mean Bernthal couldn't be in two different series in the same year. Makes sense I suppose, but then again that's exactly the kind of thing I would say if I didn't want fans to know a major character was about to bite the dust.

· When Lori was in the tent disrobing, for a second I thought they were going to reveal she'd been bitten. Alas, she was only bruised. Oh well. There's always next week. It's not too obvious that I don't like Lori, is it?

· Did Lori really just hint to Rick that he needs to remove Shane from the equation? I think she did. That was a pretty chilling look on Rick's face at the end.


  1. Excellent recap as always. I really appreciated the zombie action this week. I have to admit the windshield zombie FREAKED ME OUT! I loved how they handled that. His....Her....It's face ripped as it passed through the hole in the glass! Excellent and disgusting. To be honest, I would of left the guy stuck to the fence. Those zombies were too close for comfort. I was yelling at my tv screen "RUN! JUST GO!" I love this show :)

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