Monday, February 6, 2012

Well, I Am Now Officially Employed!

After a long and ulcer-inducing search, I finally found a new full-time job. I'm now a graphic designer in the Marketing Department at Shoe Carnival.

If you're a regular reader of my blog (as millions are) you'll remember that the bank in which I worked closed forever last December. I then got a part-time job in a frame shop to help make ends meet until I could find a full-time job. I was beginning to wonder if that was ever going to happen, but I finally found my new job last month and started today. Best of all the work I'll be doing is very similar to what I did at the bank, so there shouldn't be too steep of a learning curve.

Hopefully this will be a more secure and stable place to work than the bank was. I hope so. I can't take many more years like 2011.

I'm trying my best not to get too excited or happy about my new job though. You see, the Universe can sense when I'm happy, and it is then compelled to destroy that happiness. I know what you're thinking; go ahead and scoff. I know the truth though. I've lived through it over and over again. Whenever my happiness rises above a certain level, the Universe must slap me down. Hard. So I'm trying to keep my feelings low-key. So, hooray.

To anyone out there who is unemployed, my advice to you is don't give up. There ARE jobs out there. It just takes a really long time and a little bit of luck to find them.


  1. CONGRATS BOB!!! I'm sure you will be a perfect fit. What wonderful news :D

  2. Thanks, Dawn. It was a long and sometimes demoralizing search, but it eventually worked out for the best.

    How's your job search going?

  3. Man, that's awesome! But I'm sure you were a shoe-in – nyuk nyuk nyuk!.

    But seriously, congratulations. Now you can buy/blog about more ridiculous toys for the viewing pleasure of your millions of readers!

  4. Great! Can't wait to see which Dr. Who figures you blow your first paycheck on.

  5. I know EXACTLY how you feel. I lost my art job back in 2009 and spent eight months looking for a new job before I found my current postition (I draw and paint the M&M guys!). Congrats and good luck. I love your blog. One of my favorites!!

  6. Congratulations, Bob! I was worried about you, buddy.

  7. @Bunkai: Thanks!

    @Eric Blair: Thanks, Eric. As soon as I found out I got the job I ordered something really big. Haven't had time to do a photo shoot yet, but look for it soon!

    @Dr. OTR: Heh. I don't even want to think about how much money I've spent on DW toys the past few years. I've pretty much cut my action figure buying down to just DW toys though, and I don't drink or smoke, so I guess it's OK.

    @Jon Pinto: Thanks, Jon! Yeah, losing your job sucks, but sometimes it turns out for the best. Sounds like you got a pretty sweet gig! Thanks for reading my blog!

    @K. Starks: Thanks! You weren't the only one worried! Now I can finally relax a little.

  8. Great news! Congrats Bob, I am really happy for you!

  9. @Brad: Thanks, Brad! Looking forward to a normal schedule and regular hours again. And a steady paycheck too, of course.


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