Monday, March 26, 2012

Stay Classy, Columbia Pictures

Like the majority of Americans I did my patriotic duty this past weekend and went to see The Hunger Games. While I was waiting around in the lobby I noticed this poster for the 21 Jump Street remake.

Take a close look at the tag line up at the top of the poster. Cheezus, are you kidding me? That's considered an acceptable slogan these days? Right out in public for Little Cindy, Aunt Martha and Sister Mary Catherine to see? Just because the movie's rated R doesn't mean the poster should be as well. Congratulations, Columbia Pictures. You just brought the B.J. joke to the nation's theater lobbies.

We're very near the end of civilization...


  1. don't be a square bro.
    that shits funny.

    little cindy wouldn't get it.
    aunt martha wouldn't care.
    sister mary catherine would go pray or something.

    civilization is fine.


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