Thursday, March 1, 2012

Out Of Context Star Trek Moment #8

I've been an avid Star Trek fan for many decades, but even I have to admit that certain episodes could get a little silly now and then, especially when viewed out of context.

So sit back and enjoy this totally Out Of Context Star Trek Moment.

It's Talent Night on the Enterprise, and Spock is treating the crew to an interpretive dance. He we see him dancing the concept that we're all just puppets on strings, our lives controlled by a vast and uncaring universe. His performance was so powerful that even Dr. McCoy was seen dabbing his eyes with his handkerchief.

Once again this scene is from the third season episode Plato's Stepchildren, which is an absolute goldmine of bizarre out of context moments. In the episode a group of telekinetic aliens force Spock to do an energetic flamenco dance just inches from the prone Captain Kirk's fragile skull.

How a group of aliens who hadn't had contact with Earth for 3,000 years could possibly be familiar with flamenco dancing was was not explained.

While you're pondering that, enjoy these photos of Spock trying to stomp on William Shatner's head.


  1. LOL. That first photo makes him look like he's trying to make something levitate. Spock got moves! :)

  2. When people talk about how great classic Star Trek is/was, they tend to forget episodes like this one!


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